Friday, February 20, 2009

Empowerment challenge has moved!


If you're looking for The Empowerment Challenge it has
been moved to

Go now and take the challenge.

Here is the most awesome giveaway EVER! It is so awesome because it is something that will change your life forever!

Robin Tramble is hosting an incredible Webinar called Women’s Life Empowerment Bootcamp the month of March and she is giving away a registration to the Bootcamp! The registration is $149 and spots are filling up fast!Take the Empowerment Challenge and enter to win this amazing giveaway!

Then once that is complete, go to her web site and register for the free preview calls (counts as an extra entry) AND for your spot at the Webinar. If you win the giveaway you will get a refund, but you don’t want to wait to register because there are only so many spots left!

This is an amazing Webinar that will Empower you to reach some of your dreams and desires in less than a year! Be sure to get on the Preview calls for a taste of whats to come in March!